About Us

My Story

I am Lauren an Artist from the North East of England. I have loved art from a very young age and it was amplified by my parents both being very creative people. Once i enrolled at The northern School of Art my eyes were opened to a whole new world which i threw myself into head first…
LD Designs started after my eldest son was born, as a way for me to work from home doing what i love and still being able to spend as much time with my family. Over the years i have grown as an artist and developed a love for Pyrography (the art of wood burning) my business changed into more of a craft business.
I still love to paint and draw but my main focus is making Hand burnt Gifts & Decor.

My Mission

MY mission is to create lovingly hand made earth friendly products that people can enjoy to look at and use.
I love to use recycled materials such as pallets and drift wood.

I have been involved in a few mental health exhibitions which is very close to my heart. I would love to create a solo exhibition that really focuses on mental health and raising awareness.